Incentive Programs

Long Term Incentive Programs

The purpose of long-term incentive plans is to generate the conditions for retaining and recruiting competent personnel to the Group and to offer employees an attractive opportunity to acquire a stake in the company. In addition, the purpose is to encourage continued company loyalty by combining the interests of the shareholders and the employees. The programmes are thought to have a positive effect on the Group’s ongoing development and hence to be beneficial for shareholders and the company alike.


Share warrant program 2018 – Series 2018/2022 and Series 2018/2023

At an extraordinary general meeting on December 17, 2018, the shareholders decided to introduce an incentive program for all employees of the company and future key employees. The program has been designed to stimulate the company’s staff and senior executives in the longer term and to promote investments in and ownership of the company’s shares. The program comprises a maximum of 1,461,698 warrants and the program is designed so that the warrants are transferred to market value according to a Black & Scholes calculation performed by Grant Thornton Sweden AB. At the end of each program, each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one new share in Isofol at a fixed exercise price. For Series 18/22, the exercise price amounts to SEK 51.3 per share (subscription period from May 15 to July 15, 2022) and for Series 18/23 the exercise price is SEK 76.9 per share (subscription period from May 15 to July 15, 2023).

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