Guidelines for remuneration to senior officers

The guidelines follow in essence the principles used up to this point. Senior officers are the persons that, together with the CEO, form Executive Management. Guidelines will be applicable for contracts of employment signed after the AGM decision on guidelines and for those cases in which alterations are made in existing contracts after the AGM decision. Isofol shall offer a total compensation on par with market levels so that the Company can recruit and retain qualified senior officers. Remuneration to senior officers consists of a basic wage, variable remuneration, other benefits and pension. The Group’s guidelines for remuneration to senior officers are available via the link below and they was adopted at the AGM  May 23 2019.

  The Groups guidelines for remunerations to senior officers 2019 (Swedish)

   Follow-up and evaluation of remuneration to the CEO and other senior executives 2018, (Swedish)